New making

Working with traditional methods, my work followed an evolution through many acoustic research, with physical measures and with empirical tests in the workshop. I got inspired by traditional Spanish guitar making and its masters such as Antonio de Torres. Aiming for finding the timbre and balance, I began to build small models of Torres guitars of the first epoch, well known for their sensitivity and roundness. I am also interested in modern guitar making and through several acoustic experiments, I developed my own classical concert guitar model, with more power but still a traditional sound.

I also build instruments on demand, if it fits the way I work.

The timber I use comes partly from Europe with woods like walnut, maple, cypress or spruce but I also use exotic woods such as rosewood, ebony or Brazilian Cedar. For the soundboard of the concerts model I also use Western red cedar.

All my guitars are handcrafted and that’s why they are exclusively french polished.