Emeline Chevalier
l’Atelier du Chevalier

89 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

06 11 56 05 78




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While working in a traditional way, my activity has evolved through several acoustic researches, whether carried out through physical measurements or empirically in the workshop.

Inspired myself by traditional Spanish making and its masters such as Antonio de Torres, I have always remained in search of timbre and balance. I started making small models of Torres guitars of the first period, well known for their sensibility and their roundness. I am also interested in modern guitar making and developed my own model of concert guitar,  aiming for more power while keeping traditional sounds. All my guitars are handcrafted and that is the reason why they are exclusively French polished.

I also make instruments to order, if the request is in line with my way of working.  

Concert guitar

This guitar is built following the traditional Spanisch construction with a modern design. The top is made of western red cedar, the back and sides are made of Indian rosewood, the neck is made out of cedar, the fingerboard of ebony and the bridge of Indian rosewood.

Torres model

This model is not a copy, it is inspired by the guitar FE27 of Antonio de Torres, 1867. Its body is small but the scale is still 650 mm. The table is made out of spruce, the back and sides are in cypress, the neck is made out of cedar, the fingerboard of ebony and the bridge of rosewood. This guitar is very appreciated by musicians playing a romantic repertoire like Pavel Steidl who plays this model.